Studio Work

From MoTown style backing vocals to Nightwish-esque lead vocals and everything in between, Maggie meets her client’s studio vocal needs.

Paradise by Caleb Balk - Arrangement, background vocals, and violin by Maggie Cocco

“In an industry saturated with amateurs and divas, Maggie is a sight for sore eyes! She provided powerful passion paired with polite and polished professionalism. Not only was she perfectly prepared to perform "Paradise", and thus make the best use of the available time, she also arrived with a variety of distinct stylistic approaches, each offering a unique flavor to the music, and allowed me to pick my preference. Maggie Cocco is a joy to work with, and may also be the magic ingredient to make your music come alive!” -Caleb Balk, prettyeyedloser, Clear, AK

“I’ve had more than a thousand singers of all styles come through my studio in the 26 years, and Maggie Cocco was in the top tier of them all. She was hired to sing on 10 original songs and came in extremely prepared and laid down professional vocals in record time. I highly recommend her.” -Mark Forester, Moonlight Music Productions, Flint, MI

“Working with Maggie on some vocal parts I had composed was an extremely positive experience. She was professional, focused, and very easy to work with. She knew exactly what to do and she did it fast.” -Kos by Thoren - Background vocals by Maggie Cocco

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